Uzumaki Mask
Uzumaki Mask

Uzumaki Mask

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IMPORTANT: I am one person doing all of this and usually make customers wait up to 4 weeks for orders to be shipped so that I have time to sew, but for these special mask orders I am getting each one out by-at the latest-two weeks after it’s placed. Please bear with me! I offer cheaper masks that ship out faster if that's what you need. 

Organic cotton spandex jersey mask with colorblock/appliqué spiral design--the default tie style is the long one that goes behind the head, but if you want ear ties instead please note this at checkout!

The fabric I'm making these drawstring tie masks with is the same type of fabric I use to make my other items: two layers of a soft light-to-mid weight organic cotton spandex jersey.

These are of course not on the level of N95s--I am just improvising with what I have on hand, which will provide a good amount of protection for wear in average day-to-day life (i.e. going to the grocery store) but it's not foolproof--I can't guarantee anything! But it is my understanding that wearing any sort of protection helps quite a bit. I've read a bunch online, and cotton jersey is lauded as one of the best options for homemade masks--it is a good balance of blocking tiny particles while still being pretty breathable.

For hygienic reasons, I do not accept any returns or exchanges on masks (unless the item is defective)!