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Covert Behavior

Hug Mask

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IMPORTANT: I am one person doing all of this and typically make customers wait up to 4 weeks for orders to be shipped so that I have time to sew. Please bear with me! I offer simpler masks that ship out faster if that's what you need. 

A mask inspired by the gorgeous creatures from Alien, what more is there to say?. 

The fabric I'm making these masks with is the same type of fabric I use to make my other items: two layers of a soft light-to-mid weight organic cotton spandex jersey, with silk accents. The four elastic straps are encased in silk, the long tail is padded to give it volume, and there is a bendable nose bridge.

These are of course not on the level of N95s, but it is my understanding that wearing any sort of protection helps quite a bit. I've read a bunch online, and cotton jersey is lauded as one of the best options for homemade masks--it is a good balance of blocking tiny particles while still being pretty breathable.

For hygienic reasons, I do not accept any returns or exchanges on masks (unless the item is defective)!