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Covert Behavior

Linen Tie Mask

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IMPORTANT: I am one person doing all of this and usually make customers wait up to 4 weeks for orders to be shipped so that I have time to sew, but for these special mask orders I am getting each one out by-at the very latest-two weeks after it’s placed. Please bear with me! I offer cheaper masks that ship out faster if that's what you need. 

A fancy mask but in a practical material.

These masks are almost exactly like the Silk Tie Masks, but they are made of washable, soft linen! I am aware that silk is... let's just say very hard to care for, so I am offering these as a more every-day version of the same style. Another key difference between these and the silk version is that these 1. don't have a filter pocket (because thicker base material) but they DO have a nose wire! The long ties on each side are to be fastened into big face-framing bows around the ears, but you can also write me a note to make them slightly longer so that they can be worn around the whole head (...if I have enough fabric!) 

These are of course not on the level of N95s--I am just improvising with fabric (as I'm doing for all my mask designs), which will provide a good amount of protection for wear in average day-to-day life but it's definitely not foolproof--I can't guarantee anything! But it is my understanding that wearing any sort of protection helps quite a bit. 

For hygienic reasons, I do not accept any returns or exchanges on masks (unless the item is defective)!