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Tie Mask

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IMPORTANT: I am one person doing all of this and usually make customers wait 3-4 weeks for orders to be shipped so that I have time to sew, but for these mask orders I am getting each one out by-at the latest-a week after it’s placed. Please bear with me! I am also concurrently making as many masks to donate as I am selling here, so I have a lot on my plate with these. If you want masks at a faster rate than that, plenty of other places are selling them in situations where they are manufactured and not handmade by the designer like it is here. 

UPDATE 5/01: I have mostly run out of scraps/random pieces of fabric I’ve had stashed away, so I’ve had to start sourcing materials for these in earnest. Trying my best to support local/small operations around the LA area in doing so, however! 

Voila: an alternate style of masks to these!

My initial mask style will still be available for the time being--but I am beginning to run low on the soft thin elastic that I need to make those (and the places that I'd look for it are all closed indefinitely...), so they probably won't be online forever. 

Hoping that this classic tie-back style design will address the needs of those seeking a highly adjustable mask-fit, as I know that my other ones are ideal for some heads but less ideal for others. 

A key added feature with these is that they have a pipe-cleaner sewn into the top edge, making them able to mold better to the shape of one's nose. I've found that this helps quite a bit in lessening glasses fog!

While the fabric has many color options, the elastic strap options are (for now): either turquoise or white. 

Copy/paste from the other mask page:

The fabric I'm making these out of is the same type of fabric I use to make my lingerie/bodywear items: two layers of a soft light-to-mid weight organic cotton spandex, finished with lightweight elastic around the edges. Please note: the color possibilities are always in flux because I'm using scraps and random yardage from my unused jersey fabric stash, so if you are looking for a certain color I can't quite guarantee it -BUT- please leave me a note at checkout with a few preferred colors--I'm sure I'll have at least one of them available! 

Another important detail is that these are of course not on the level of N95s--I am just improvising with what I have on hand, which will provide a good amount of protection for wear in average day-to-day life (i.e. going to the grocery store) but it's not foolproof--I can't guarantee anything! But it is my understanding that wearing any sort of protection helps; I'm trying to help somehow and be green while doing it. I've read a bunch online, and cotton jersey is lauded as one of the very best options for homemade masks--it is a good balance of blocking tiny particles while still being fairly breathable. Some good info on that here: 


As long as this PPE shortage rages on, I will be continuously making masks out of scrap fabric and donating them where need be.

(Additionally--I am quarantining myself quite well here at home and fully believe myself not to be sick + am always working with washed/clean hands, but if somehow virus got on my fabric, it would not be able to survive on that surface for long enough to make it to when said package is delivered to you. So by spending time in transit these should effectively sterilize themselves).